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Northside can help principals, SENCOs, RTLBs, teachers, parents, pre-school, primary and secondary school students. Judy's involvemnt with schools, terriary trades, university students and medical professionals are long-standing and she follows the ethics of the NZ Psychologist Board and the Education Council. Some of the specfici areas of her involvement include:

  • Assessments for Behaviour and Learning
  • Special Assessment Considerations for NCEA and University examinations
  • Cognitive and educational assessments and where Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, Attention deficits, Autism and consideration of self-esteem and well-being form a critical part of these analyses
  • Parent support programmes
  • Considerate and sensitive adult assessments
  • Setting up study programmes for adolescents and university students
  • Advocacy support for students and families in schools
  • Advisory and guidance sessions for families
  • Assessment of gifted students
  • Individual Study programmes
  • Assisting with learning dificulties
  • Helping to understand an Individual Education Plan
  • Professional development for staff seminars, such as, guidance on understanding cognitive tests, the importance of individual education profiles and understanding how inclusive educational practices can be developed.

Use the Appointments page or the convenient attached PDF communication and information sheet to contact Northside Psychology and Education Associates to make an enquiry or appointment Click Here

Judy believes that the disciplines of education and psychology, often viewed as separate, sometimes intersect in different ways for different reasons, in everyone's daily lives. By being empowered with some of these underandings students and familes can then be involved in marking out their own life directions so they become owners of thier progress and development.

Judy believes that a child's develpoment is one that is affected by their family and community decisions; that they become catalysts of their develpoment and that they evolve over time and frequently change, adjust and progress according to their needs and the input of their family and community.

Judy believes that early adult tertiary learning and new-starters at university can attain those goals they are passionate about and that earlier school learning challenges can be overcome with support.

Judy has worked successfully in both clinical and educational settings


  • Face to face comprehensive Assessments usually take four to five hours ($1,250 including GST) and include a full explanation of learning challenges and overall cognitive strengths and weaknesses. There is a report discussion at the end of assessments that includes a comprehensive summary, recommendations and a completion of a SAC Declaration for NCEA and University (if applicable) support. Report is sent upon full payment

  • Initial and free discussion 15 minutes prior to assessment (usually by telephone/email)

  • $250 initial consultation for other support (up to 1.5 hours)

  • School and home visits for observation and follow up of Individual Education Plan, including travel of up to 40 km return (non-peak); $175 per hour

  • Other costs negotiated as needed

  • Payment plans can be arranged prior to commencing assessment

  • Charges: $150 per hour for Consultations up to 2 hours, negotiable rates for Comprehensive Assessments and Reader/Writer Assessments.

    Consideration is supported, for financial needs, according to individual circumstances.

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