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About Northside Psychology

The Director, Judy, is a Registered Educational Psychologist, Registered Secondary Teacher and Trained Facilitator for Lifepaths Trust Programmes (who have researched and compiled social and emotional assistance programmes for problem-solving, bullying, stressful situations and managing conflict). The support, guidance and emphases are on building social and emotional skills from preschoolers to adolescents.

Judy has over 40 years´ hands-on and academic experience in the roles of both education and psychology. They are:

  • Educational Psychologist
  • Middle and Secondary School Teacher
  • Researcher at The University of Auckland
  • Tutor at The University of Auckland
  • Counsellor
  • Tertiary and Adult Community Education Lecturer
  • Speld Tutor
  • Author and presenter of several conference papers at NZARE, NZCER and Australia and New Zealand History of Education Society Conferences
  • Accredited Level ´C´ Tester in New Zealand and Australia
  • Assessor of Gifted Students
  • Experience in both the Private and Public Sectors
  • Convenor of Scholarships for The Federation of University Women (Auckland University) and Vice-President role.


Judy’s recently completed PhD (2016) topic, Inclusion in New Zealand Secondary Schools: Policy and Practice, included three separate studies, based on the Professor John Hattie research model. The Thesis included contributions from Secondary School Principals, Heads of Department and Classroom teachers where they discussed the theoretical concept of inclusion and how it might effectively work for students who had special educational needs within an inclusive educational model that encourages learning within their classrooms. Second, pre-service secondary school teachers were invited to contribute their thoughts about the importance of inclusion and whether the knowledge gained during their training was sufficiently able to implement inclusive educational practices within their classrooms. One significant finding highlighted the challenges the beginning secondary teachers face in relation to how inclusive practices are planned for and implemented across a broad range of secondary school subjects.

Publications and Research Background


.Selvaraj, J. (2016). Inclusion in New Zealand Secondary Schools: Policy and Practice. PhD thesis, Faculty of Education and Social Work. The University of Auckland (Digital Copy available online)

.Selvaraj, J. (2012)*. The New Zealand Educational Psychologist in the 21st Century: Policy contradictions and challenges. Master of Education thesis, Faculty of Education and Social Work. The University of Auckland.

Selvaraj, J. (1997). Family structure, social support, and parenting satisfaction. Master of Arts thesis, Department of Psychology, The University of Auckland.

reference and information cited from 2012* Thesis for publication of: Tales from school learning disability and state education after administrative reform, Author(s): Rod Wills; Missy Morton; Margaret McLean; Maxine Stephenson, Published: Rotterdam: Sense Publishers 2014. Identifier: ISBN:9789462098930; ISBN:946209893X

International and New Zealand Journal Publications

Selvaraj, J. (2016). Inclusive education in New Zealand: rhetoric and reality, History of Education Review, Vol. 45 ISSP 1 pp. 54 - 68 Permanent link to this document:

Selvaraj, J. (2015). Inclusive education in New Zealand: policies, politics and contradictions, International Journal of Inclusive Education, 19:1, 86-101, DOI:10.1080/13603116.2014.907584 (both A grade journals)

Selvaraj, J. (2012). The NZ Psychologist in the 21st Century: Policy contradictions and challenges. In M. Stephenson, I. Duhn, V. Carpenter, & Airini (Eds.), Changing worlds: Critical voices and new knowledge in education. Auckland. Pearson. Identifier: ISBN:9781442562769 (pbk.); ISBN:1442562765 (pbk.)

Abstract Acceptances and Conference/Workshop Presentations

2020 Abstract for Scenario Forum Conference, Cork, Ireland (cancelled Covid-19)

2019 Workshops/Seminars Secondary Schools (Learning disabilities); WISC V

2018 ADHD Annual General Meeting Presentation Overview of Inclusive Education (Policy and Practice) WIAT III and WISC V Assessment Tools for secondary school teachers

2017 British Education Research Association (BERA) Conference (September 2017, Brighton, UK), nominated Chairperson at Conference

2016 Oral Examination for PhD Thesis

2015 Abstract accepted and conference presentation based on quantitative findings in PhD Study re pre-service secondary teachers, at ANZHES Conference, Wellington, nominated Chairperson at Conference

2015 Abstract accepted for NZ Psychological Society Conference, Hamilton

2014 Abstract accepted for ANZHES (Melbourne) on qualitative findings in PhD study (December)

2014 Abstract accepted for Conference presentation for the Clute Institute, Las Vegas, Inclusive education and pre-service teachers in New Zealand secondary schools. Best paper presentation award Chairperson: Sessions related to compulsory education sectors

2013 Australia and New Zealand History of Education Society (ANZHES) Brisbane Inclusive Education in New Zealand: ongoing uncertainties

2013 Association for Citizenship, Social and Economic Education (IACSEE) Auckland. Inclusive education in New Zealand: Policies, politics and contradictions

2013 New Zealand Psychological Society Auckland. Inclusive education in New Zealand Secondary Schools

2012 New Zealand Association for Research in Education (NZARE) Waikato Inclusion in New Zealand Secondary Schools: Research Design

2012 Critical Studies in Education Symposium, Auckland. Inclusion in New Zealand

2011 Australia and New Zealand History of Education Society (ANZHES) Auckland Interrupting or reproducing history? Special Education Policy in New Zealand. Chairperson: Sessions for Centring Environments

Conference Funding and Awards

2017 British Education Research Association – awarded Independent Researcher and Teacher single scholarship to attend and present paper in Brighton, UK

2011-2015 Faculty of Education CRSTIE Postgraduate Committee Awards (several), including The Clute Institute Conference, 2014 (Las Vegas)

2013-2014 Australian and NZ History and Education Association: Presentation Brisbane, December (2013) and, Melbourne (2014) – awards granted from Australia

2012 Australian Commonwealth Stipend Scholarship (3-year term for full university fees and annual salary) – Griffith University of Queensland

1993 NZ Post Primary Secondary Teachers’ Scholarship - full salary stipend for final year of first degree (BA)

1992 Harriet Jenkins award (NZ Federation of University Women – Auckland Branch)